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Virtual reality for businesses


Virtual reality for businesses





We deliver immersive virtual reality experiences of our customer´s products to increase sales.


  • Stream-lined production line for VR content, real-time and 360-VR
  • Intuitive VR user experience
  • Immediate customisation of real life product in VR
  • Data harvesting from VR behavior
  • Analytics dashboard
  • In-VR-purchases


  • Reduced purchase barriers with integrated immersive product experience, immediate product customisation and immediate purchase execution
  • Continued improvements of sales presentation through real-time analytics of customer behaviour

Case studies

Case studies


Real estate showroom

Experience walking through an apartment that is still on the drawing board. Customise floors, kitchen and furniture according to your preferences and enjoy the view from the balcony! Continue the experience in an Internet-browser with your partner after coming home and eventually purchase your customised apartment, all in virtual reality.

Implementation options: Real-time VR (PC) or 360 VR (PC/Android).



Get familiar with  buildings or installations prior to on-site arrival. Familiarise yourself with the surroundings, practise emergency escape or train maintenance procedures before the site is physically accessible.

This example is from a subsea "christmas tree" (XMT) where the user moves around the installation as a diver with a handheld torch to get familiar where components are and the dimensions of the XMT. The user can practise operation of valves and see the consequential effects inside the XMT.

Implementation option: Real-time VR (PC)


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In-browser VR

XVision´s Field Activity Planner is a tool for timeline visualisation for subsea installations and marine operations.

Increased visibility allows a safety zone to be established around the installation, to enable compliance with Health & Safety Executive requirements. Vessels are prohibited from entering or remaining in the zone at specified points of the project. WebVR-implementation allows easy roll-out and real-time collaboration in VR. End users can utilise visualisations through VR headset or internet browser.

Implementation option: Real-time VR (PC or Chromium browser)



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Håkon Grøthe


Håkon is passionate about building businesses where technology and society´s needs intersect. Professionally he has been working in technology driven start-ups his entire career in roles from developer to CEO.

Håkon holds a degree (MSc/ from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in the combination of Economics/ Computer Science.

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Atanas Stanulov


Atanas has always been an artist that looks for new ways of creative thinking which led him to a higher level of developing visual and technical solutions. He is educated within fine-arts and 3D-film production.

Today Atanas is a professionally experienced multimedia and technical artist.



Our sister companies in the Plastilin Group have valuable VR-competence and capacities to help us serve customers quickly, efficiently and with the right quality.

vY is a communication agency for the real estate developer. We strive to give our clients a competitive edge and increased turnover, through clear and honest ideas communicated in both traditional and digital platforms. vY delivers services such as 3D-modelling, content marketing and VR. vY shares offices with Impact Reality.

Xvision specialises in visual engineering, 3D-visualisation and timeline visualisation software with VR capabilities. Xvision focuses on the offshore-industry and is co-located with Impact Reality.

Brick is a world leading company within 3D-modelling, rendering, animation and VR. Brick employs nearly 50 3D artists, animators and developers and have their main offices in Budapest.

Contact US

Contact US

We are located downtown Oslo within walking distance of Oslo Central Station, hotels and public transportation. You find us at the 5th floor of Kongensgate 11.

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Impact Reality is a startup addressing applied virtual reality for businesses. We work closely with our sister companies Inviso, vY, Xvision, Brick and Skalar, building on each other´s expertise so we can deliver tangible benefits from VR to our customers.


Impact Reality is owned by Plastilin AS.